365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Like diamonds glistening amidst the snow

I wondered if I'd have a chance to wear this pair of earrings this year. I don't wear a lot of glam. But I'd been eyeing them, thinking they look like snowmen, and wondering if we'd have a snowfall during 2011. 

Today the sun glistened on the snow, so I headed out into the bright sunlight, my gleaming snowmen, each studded with 5 tiny pieces of cut glass and one large one. A student gave me this pair a few years ago. "She doesn't have any like this," I can imagine the child exclaiming to his mother.

I hung them from the pear tree, now cracked and broken from the weight of yesterday's snowfall, its leaves still green and its tiny pears still dangling from each surviving branch. With sun and temperatures in the 40's, the snow has melted off the tree. A blanket of white still coats the ground. If children lived here, snowmen would abound--and snowforts, snowballs, snow angels...

Off in the distance, the colors of autumn have reclaimed the horizon--leaves of orange, yellow, brown. In a few days, the snow will all be gone, and more leaves will have swirled to the ground.

Tomorrow, I'll drive back down our mountain road on my way to school, returning to the lowlands where little snow fell. People will laugh when I tell them of my 9 inch snowfall, of how I was housebound, of shoveling the drive to get my car up hill.

Today, October 30th, the snow glistened in the sunlight. I wore diamond studded earrings. Which statement sounds more likely to be true?

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Phoebe said...

Both sound absurd! I'm jealous of all of that snow! Love you