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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Pair of Boo!s for Halloween

Today I wore my googly-eyed glow-in-the-dark BOO! earrings, a gift from a 3rd grader who is now a sophomore in high school. Timothy was so excited to give me these, and happy to see them again every year thereafter.

I spent Halloween afternoon baking pumpkin pies with two groups of 3rd graders. I based the activity on a wonderful picture book, Halloween Pie, written by Michael O. Tunnell and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley. A witch casts a spell on the spooks who ate her pie, turning them into ingredients. They mixed themselves into the pie. Vampire scooped the pumpkin, zombie poured the cream, the ghouls cracked the eggs, banshee sifted the sugar, ghost sprinkled the salt, the skeletons ground the cinnamon and cloves, mouse rolled out the dough, and wind whipped the cream. Lots of fun, lots of clean-up, and oh-so-much preparation!

Willem (age 3) and Kathe (age 5) in Savannah
But nowadays when I come home at the end of Halloween, I'm done. Not like Halloweens past, with the flurry of costumes and jack o'lanterns and trick-or-treating. Many years I was so frantic that I never even took a photograph of my little lions and cats.

Who is that little lion?
Some years, recycling was
 the best that I could do!

Kathe's Beanie Baby Otter

3rd Grader Phoebe:
"I think I want to be a frog for Halloween..."

Pumpkin carving with Dad

Our mountain hide-away home is a great place to retreat on Halloween night. The wind may blow, the clouds may scud across the moon, but nary a trick-or-treater comes tapping on our door.

But I need my rest. Tomorrow I'll be surrounded by sleepy 8 and 9 year olds who've consumed way too much sugar.

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