365 Days of Earrings

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sodalite bears, connecting me to the world

I wore my totem bears with this lovely blue sweater today: cool colors, soothing blues. I had another six parent-teacher conferences this afternoon; cool colors for calm conferences. Seemed to work. Lots of happy parents of happy children.

I'm pretty sure that the blue mineral carved to make my bear earrings is sodalite, beautiful but far more affordable than lapis lazuli. I bought them at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum many years ago. I love to explore the exhibits, but I enjoy the Smithsonian gift shops almost as much--minerals, fossils, books, games, toys... items from around the globe that provide a glimpse of cultures, landscapes, flora, and fauna that I will never see in person. When I return home from the Smithsonian with a rock, a postcard, a doll, I often feel as inspired as if I'd traveled to a distant land. Brazil? Bolivia? Greenland? Romania? Portugal? Rhodesia? Burma? Russia? India? Namibia? Canada? All sources of sodalite.

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