365 Days of Earrings

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dangling through Picture Day

Today was Picture Day at school. As a teacher, I get a free package of photos each year. I don't want them. No one wants to hang my photo on their fridge, or put it in an album. From year to year, I look pretty much the same, although my hair is becoming increasingly more silver on its way to pure white.

Picture Day is stressful at school. Kids and their parents are worried about hair and clothes and smiles. Some families forget, and then fret about having the wrong clothes and unkempt hair. Before long, we'll have Picture ReTake Day.

My parents bought only one school photo, as far as I know. This one, from first grade. Why buy expensive, posed pictures, my dad asked, when candid shots show more?

I wore these earrings today for my school picture. I bought them at a craft show quite a few years ago. I wonder whether I've worn them for Picture Day before... But not enough to look through all of those envelopes of old photos. 

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