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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kindle vs. Book

In June, the Lower School faculty at my school agreed to read Overcoming Dyslexia in preparation for discussions  about helping our students who struggle with reading. When I returned from my summer vacation, my colleagues had taken all of the copies the school had purchased. I down-loaded the Kindle version, which I've been reading.

Someone kindly left her copy on my desk. I've been comparing the two as I read. I'm pretty new to e-books.

I thought these were the same... oops!
I've read several novels, some poetry, and quite a few short stories on my Kindle since last Christmas. It's a great way to acquire free literature, right away, as soon as an old friend recommends Moby Dick or I read a phrase from Emily Dickenson. This is the first book I've ordered that contains diagrams and illustrations.

I'm using this book as an opportunity to learn how to use some of the features of the Kindle, so that I can jump from place to place, as I could with a textbook. I'm a bit slow, but I'm improving.

These earrings? I made them this morning after reading a chapter. I'd gone down to the basement in search of wooden beads, and found a bin of glass instead. I felt like wearing blue glass beads. I tried to make them identical, but there are a few minor differences.

Not as different as reading on a Kindle vs. reading a book, though. I enjoy reading on a Kindle. But I love curling up with a book.

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