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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lovely Lizards

In 3rd grade Social Studies today we moved our focus from the people who hunted buffalo on the Great Plains to the people of the Southwest deserts. I shared the beginning of Miska Miles' Newberry Honor Book, Annie and the Old One, a touching story about a young Navajo girl who wants to prevent the death of her grandmother.

As we began to talk about life in the desert, I wore this pair of lizards, creatures of warmer climes. They are one of the many lovely pairs that I received from my cousin-in-law, Jeanne, along with sticky-note descriptions of their provenance and explaining why she no longer wears them. This note:
Dave bought me these because I love lizards and he had finally talked me out of bringing them home from the wild to keep as pets. These are too long for me.
How lucky I am that Jeanne loves lizards, that Dave bought her earrings instead of pet lizards, and that she thinks they're too long! 

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