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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is change coming to Saudi Arabia?

This morning as I drove to school, I listened to a long NPR story about women in Saudi Arabia. Is change coming?

King Abdullah announced this week that women would be permitted to vote...in 2015? And there is a good chance that he will reduce the sentence of a woman who was sentenced to ten lashes with a whip for driving a car.

More than half of Saudi college students are women, but they can neither drive nor vote.

As I looked at these earrings, I saw question marks.

Why do fundamentalist religions choose to subjugate women?

What do these educated women teach their sons?

Lashes? Really?

Is change coming?


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Willem Krumich said...

I read about that. How ironic that they are allowed to vote, but have to have their husbands drive them to polling stations?