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Friday, September 9, 2011

Like nymphs emerging to fly

I wore my Jabebo dragonfly earrings today. We're beginning a writing project in 3rd grade. Each member of the class chooses a North American animal to research and write about--the dragonfly is my sample animal. 

My students and I went to our school library this morning and began to gather books for our project. I showed them how to type search terms into the software program, and choose informational books. They jotted down the call numbers and learned to find books on the library shelves. 8 and 9 year olds love acquiring such powerful skills.

Perhaps that's why I love teaching 3rd grade so much. These kids are like dragonflies as they prepare to leave their underwater nymph stage and emerge ready to take flight. They've mastered so many basic skills, and are eager to test them in new ways.

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jwkrumich said...

More good stuff for your future book, right? Text book, essays on good teaching, novel, whatever...can't wait.