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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I googled arkadangling today, and found my blog postings. And there, in their midst, was this one, translated into a language that I don't know.

I'm pretty sure the blog is about scarab beetles.


I'd say what the date of the posting was, but I don't read the language. I think it's Jan. 31: 31 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi


Phoebe said...

It's Turkish! I use Google Chrome now instead of Safari and when I come upon websites in different languages it tells me what it is and asks if I want it translated!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Good work Phreebs. But is it the whole post translated? Very odd. What a small world.

M. Kasch said...

It looks Turkish to me. See, 3 years of living in Neu Koelln was good for something. . . If you scroll down her blog, you'll see more diagrams of dung beetles. Interesting. Very interesting!

I wonder what the author said?

Yalçın said...


This is Yalcin Ceylanoglu, the publisher of that blog published in my native language Turkish: http://bokbocekleri.blogspot.com. I translated your post from English to Turkish; then I published it on my blog. That's why, you saw it when you searched "arkadangling" in google. Of course, I showed your post as a reference at the end of my translation.

My blog is just about "dung beetle" or scarab [dung beetles: bok böcekleri (in Turkish)}. The date of the posting is January 31, 2011.

I will be waiting for your views.

Sincerely yours,

Yalcin Ceylanoglu