365 Days of Earrings

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My World Encased in Ice

This morning my world was coated in ice--even the air looked hoary. When I persuaded myself to step out into the chilling mist for a necessary trip to Battery Mart to replace my failing car battery and climbed the treacherous hillside to the car, I considered the possibility that the car and I might not make it safely to the foot of the mountain and that I might have to abandon the car and walk back home.

I painstakingly negotiated the slippery slope back to the porch to get my snowshoes and poles, then clomped back up to the car. With snowshoes, I feel free from fear. I know that I can walk over deep snow and up icy slopes. When I returned with my new battery and my carefully calibrated pair of shopping bags filled with food and supplies, I clomped back down over the ice, so glad to be wearing my shoeshoes.

My earrings remind me a of world encased in ice. My daughter Käthe made them for me once upon a time. Tonight I made her potato broccoli soup recipe--comfort food against the cold--and then discovered that she had cooked it tonight, too. The thermometer reads 32˚F outside, 65˚F in my kitchen. Snowshoes, soup, and a woodstove. And earrings to tie the story together! 


Käthe said...

What a coincidence that we made the same meal tonight! Comfort food during the winter- nothing compares. Nice earrings, too!

J-ROK said...

WOW! I had no idea that Kathe made such gorgeous earrings! I'm impressed with your productivity today!

jwkrumich said...

Glad you got a new battery. Glad you are safe and warm and well-fed. I am in Steeler country and we just celebrated my Mom and Dad's big birthdays of this week (90 and 85!), and nephew Jake's 33rd. I showed my Mom your wonderful Feb. 2 post about her, and she was happy and moved!