365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, February 20, 2011

You are my sunshine!

I really need 3 ears for this message to work, but, alas I have only 2. 

I got home this afternoon after spending last night watching my son in a play while sitting next to my two daughters. How my heart is warmed in the presence of these three.

Once a cousin of mine gave a eulogy for his grandmother in which he gave her the ultimate praise: the grandchildren had discovered after her death that each of them was convinced that he or she was her favorite--she had made each feel so special and so loved.

But I have only two ears. My kids are my sunshine. They make me happy when skies are gray. They'll never know how much I love them. Please don't take my sunshine away. One of them is going to be sure of being the unloved one. If only Roberta had shared her secret with me before she died. How do you let them each know the myriad ways they are special, without the others comparing themselves and feeling that they are lacking?

To my sunshines, one and all! 


jwkrumich said...

Perhaps I will get an ear pierced, so that when we want to honor our three children i can wear one. On a rotating basis: I don't want them to fight over who gets represented on Dad's ear!

Käthe said...

You do a good job making us all feel loved! We just tease. Haha! Dad, you would do that for everything to be fair? I'll believe it when I see it.

J-ROK said...

I don't think you've considered your nose real estate!