365 Days of Earrings

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wishing and hoping

I went to sleep last night pretty sure that I had overplayed my hand, wearing snowflake earrings with such a small chance of snow. This morning hopes of a 2-hour delay evaporated as the clock ticked past 6:30. But then, a miraculous thing happened: the phone rang at 6:36 and announced NO SCHOOL. A whole day to catch up on my many projects. Just what I needed!

So. What to wish for next...

For now, I'm content. Although it is George Washington's birthday, and I have no earrings to praise our amazing first president. He didn't even make the top five when Americans were asked this week. I need some George Washingtons! Maybe dollar bill origami?

From my years in Savannah, I own quite a few beach theme earrings. Today, I chose a pair of fish, since I'm thinking about my Ms Frizzle costume for next week's Academy Awards of Books ceremony: Ms Frizzle will be wearing a lot of fish. But not these. They are way too tame for The Frizz.

I'm just thinking about the beach. A good thing to do during a February snow day. And I'm wishing that Americans will soon vote George Washington back into the top 5.

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