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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy 4709!

First thing this morning I heard that traffic will be a mess in DC due to the Chinese New Year's festivities--So I got to wear my Chinese Zodiac earrings after all!

As I thought about how to photograph them, I considered searching for something Chinese, something my father or his father or his father before him had brought back from a trip to China. My dad lived in China from 1946 to 1949, working with UNRA on construction projects. His Fa was a missionary with Yale in China. My great-grandfather traveled around the world in his youth, and brought many treasures home. I closed my eyes to think of where to look... something Chinese. And the ensuing grin spread from ear to ear. I'm surrounded by stuff that was made in China!

Here is my quick assemblage of Made in China: silk from China, cotton from Hong Kong. I thought I'd found yoga pants from Taiwan, for polical balance. But they're from Thailand. My dad lived there (it was called Siam then) after he left China. But I feel guilty for not trying harder.
So here's picture of a family artifact from China before the revolution, a carving on a trunk that one of them used to transport some of his purchases. Temples and junques and an overhanging forest of bamboo.

Happy Year of the Metal Rabbit: 4709!

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