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Monday, February 7, 2011

Of Storks and Slings and Paper Chains

I chose my pin first this morning. It was a gift I received when my daughter Phoebe was born and I've always loved it as a memento of her arrival in Savannah. I wore it as a birth announcement for my colleague Cate whose baby Niamh Ellen was born on February 5th. Cate was a student of mine when she was in 8th grade, and has now returned to our school as a first grade teacher. She and her husband Michael plan to return to Ireland where they met and where this Gaelic name will be right at home. What a lucky baby!

I thought these earrings matched the pin--not just because they are also tarnished silver. They remind me of a baby sling in which to carry a baby close to your heart. I made such a sling for Cate out of soft flannel.

The background is folded paper, ready to make a few more valentines. At this time of year I make and decorate paper chains of animals to give as valentines. I've strayed from traditional pinks and reds, trying to make for each of my students a chain in a color I know they love. Blue foxes, fuschia monkeys, green ponies. All cut out and ready to decorate! Valentines Day is a week away!

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Käthe said...

Those earrings do look like slings, now that you mention it! :)

How do you pronounce the baby's first name?