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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Along the Seine, Thursday, July 7

After a day of cultural sites the day before, on Thursday, July 7th we rode around the French countryside. Our guide worked hard to avoid major roads which we would have had to share with speeding trucks and cars. 

I was glad to have my bike helmut, my padded bike gloves, my bike saddle with its "anatomic pressure release," and my camelback backpack. Many of those in our group ran out of water during some of our longer, hotter riding days. I kept sipping on my camelback all day long, using my water bottle only at lunch time.

We rode from the lock at Melun to the lock at Evry, a suburb of Paris. It's less than 20 miles as the crow flies. But we rode first to Vaux-le-Vicomte, a chateau built by Louis XIV's finance minister. When Louis visited, he was outraged that one of his employees could build a home more lavish than his own. So he imprisoned the man for the rest of his life, hiring the same architect to build his own palace at Versailles. We peaked through the fence at the chateau, and then headed back towards Melun along the sycamore lined drive, in search of roads less traveled.

Much of our route was along the Seine, next to beautiful retreats for the residents of Paris. We picnicked in front of one that was for sale. John waded into the river, skipping rocks.

John, In-Seine, his sister Beth suggested I should entitle this photo.

Again, only one photo allowed. I'll try again later.

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