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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Home Alone, with copper wire and beads

I was home alone this afternoon, and I got to thinking about hammered copper. So I lugged my anvil (an antique iron) and my ancient hammer out to the picnic table, along with my craft box. I began to play with copper wire, hammering it thin at one end.

I tried twisting the beaten wire into curlicues. I'm home alone, like I said, so anything goes, matched or mismatched, don't make no nevermind. Even triple negatives are permissible when one is home alone.

And now I'm testing copper earwires. Soon after I first had my ears pierced, I bought some earrings with nickel posts and my earlobes quickly became infected. When I checked online, I read that a small percentage of people are allergic to copper wire. And that wire sold as copper often contains nickel. Further, the copper can discolor the earlobe as it oxidizes. I've been wearing these for several hours, with no tingling and no exciting color changes.

And now to curl up and read. Ah, summer!


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