365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pizza, fresh from the Earth Oven

I put on this pair of earrings tonight after eating delicious, homemade pizza fresh from our outdoor Earth Oven. Last night, I baked the loaves of bread indoors, since the Earth Oven needed a little more drying time, and I didn't think the dough could handle another day of waiting. But we ate that bread for breakfast and lunch, and tonight we enjoyed pizza. Hooray!

We've enjoyed the process of building our oven. Here is a photo of my earrings atop the guidebook we used (well, it was mostly used by my husband John, who has read it so many times he can practically recite chapter and verse).

One day soon, when we master the timing, we'll cook pizza, than bread, then maybe fire some sculpey earrings like today's pair when it gets down to 275 degrees.

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