365 Days of Earrings

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scratch Baking

Today the sun shone bright and I hoped that we would bake pizza and bread in our Earth Oven. I had the pair of earrings (bread and pizza) ready to go. But I didn't wear them out of fear that I might jinx our oven.

Our good friends and neighbors Bob and Ardyce joined us--after two days of weather postponements--as we anticipated the high temperatures described in How to Build Your Own Earth Oven.

Sadly the oven did not reach a high enough heat to bake well before we succombed to hunger around 8 PM and heated sausages over a wood fire. So I'm saving the bread and pizza earrings until we reach our goal--perhaps tomorrow. 

Today's earring stands alone: the Earth Oven. The oven is burning hot now, as I write, at 10:31 PM. We're confident that it will bake both pizza and bread, once it dries and we master the timing and technique. But not today.

Tomorrow, we will try once more.

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