365 Days of Earrings

Friday, July 29, 2011

Transfixed by swirls

Yesterday afternoon and evening the skies opened and much needed rain fell on our part of the world. The forecast called for more today. As I headed off to yoga I donned this swirling water t-shirt. The earrings seemed to match, so I wore them, too.

We had no rain today, but the low pressure felt like a looming storm. Tension in the air. Thick enough to warrant a paddle.

I bought these earrings from a vendor of African handicrafts at the Delaplane Strawberry Festival. Her display had taken a tumble during transport, and this was one of the few intact pairs she had available.

I love this swirling pattern, so simple, so transfixing. I made myself a swirling copper pair today, then altered it a bit: one remains 2-dimensional, the other now dangles in 3-D.

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