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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bears amidst the Blueberries

I wandered out to our berry garden and discovered that blueberry season has begun! My son Will--who browses through this patch like a hungry bear when he is home--is away this summer, and the berries ripened in the last few days without anyone noticing. What a bounty!

I made this pair of earrings yesterday as I sat watching Matt Damon living out a liberal's fantasy in Iraq in The Green Zone. I wore them today because they matched my aqua shirt and teal capris. As I photographed them among the blueberries, I was sorry that I hadn't worn the pair that reminds me most of blueberries, as I'd planned to do to pick the first berries. It wasn't until I wrote the previous paragraph that I realized how appropriate these totem bear earrings are for today.

In many cultures, bears symbolize awakening from the quiet contemplation of hibernation to seek sustenance and opportunity in the warmth of spring. My son, this garden's resident bear, is not here to nibble his way from bush to bush, blue-tongued and happy. He is off experiencing new challenges. I'm glad I wore totem bears to take his place.

On Thursday, my husband John will drive down to see Willem in North Carolina. We'll have eaten this bowl of berries by then. But John already promised Will some blueberries from home. Blueberries were a staple of our family's summer diet long before antioxidant research showed how beneficial they are to our hearts and minds. For us, they are food for the soul.

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Käthe said...

Certainly, the best food for the soul! I'm so glad Willem will get some blueberries this week. I was getting teary eyed thinking of him down there without them or hopes of them in PA this summer.