365 Days of Earrings

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Checking out for the summer

I spent today making lists of things to do, then checking them off. Sometimes writing down things I had just done so that I could check them off.

I did a mountain of laundry and packed my clothes for the next month--10 days at our cabin on the Clarion River in northwestern PA, then back to Dulles Airport to catch a plane to Paris for two weeks in France. 

I also packed a month's worth of earrings, a more daunting job than ever before as I head off for the summer. But I also am taking my craft box to our cabin, where I look forward to some jewelry making with my daughters during our week of vacation together.

Today's earrings rest on the canvas bag, purchased in Amsterdam during our previous bike and barge expedition three years ago, in which I packed my biking gear. My daughter Kathe made this pair for me, one of the many pair of simple earrings in shades of blue and green that she has given to me over the years. One of the joys of summer.

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