365 Days of Earrings

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Of kayaks and river glass

Ah, summer. We dragged our kayaks down to the river this morning so that we could float the 6 miles downstream to the Cook Forest Cafe for Hershey's Denali Moose Tracks ice cream. This fleet of boats held my daughter Phoebe, my daughter Kathe and her husband Jim, and me. My husband John graciously agreed to drive down and meet us in 2 hours to transport us back upstream.

I try to paddle every day at The Pinery. Often I paddle alone, meandering along the bank, inhaling the air cooled by the hillside springs, greeting the kingfishers and the green herons, admiring the twisted tree roots and adventuresome wildflowers. One day soon.

Today we floated together, sharing stories and memories and commenting on the changes in the banks caused by the ice flows of winter and the floods of spring. Floating and chatting are among the great joys of summer.

  I wore these sea glass earrings which I made many years ago. I often collect shards of broken glass from along our river bank, the remains of bottles tossed by careless canoers. Always before, my eyes have sought out sharp edges that might slice through skin. I've never looked for smoothed river glass to use in making earrings. One day soon.

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