365 Days of Earrings

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dancing, even without power

Last night as I finished my post, thunder rumbled. Soon afterwards, hail pelted our house, a river poured down our driveway, and the power went out.

As darkness fell, my husband John started the generator that we bought several years ago. Our power fails frequently, and sometimes stays off for days at a time. It's a consequence of living on our own little mountain in the woods.

After dropping my car off at the Waterloo Service Center this morning (air conditioning on the fritz, among other problems), I spent my first day of summer in our basement, making earrings and watching action movies. I made this pair, and posed them on the arm of this dancing woman. She may look like she's climbing the walls. But she's not. We were just where we needed to be today.

The power is still out. We're going to pick up my car and head for the movies to see Midnight in Paris. Ah, summer!

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