365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Now wait just a clock tick!

For Father's Day, we went to the Kennedy Center to see the musical Wicked. Last year, at our daughter Phoebe's high school graduation, my husband John's high School chorus performed Defying Gravity and For Good, both from this musical. None of us had seen it before, though we'd all heard about it for close to ten years. It was an amazing spectacle, and a wonderful way to spend Father's Day afternoon.

I wore this pair of silver earrings for the occasion. Cut-outs of stars, crescent moons, and shooting stars decorate them. I bought them many years ago, when I taught a 7th grade astronomy unit. They seemed to suit witches and wizards and magic, too.

To photograph them, I hung them on the hands of the clock that stands amidst my earring holders. It stood on the mantle near my dad's rocking chair throughout my childhood. The backdrop of Wicked reminded me of this clock face. But sadly, you could wait an eternity for it to make another clock tick. 

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