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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frog Fears

I wore my contemplative frog earrings today when I went down to the river to look for the tiny frogs that are emerging from the water, having just completed their metamorphosis.

They hop the treacherous route across the pebbly beach, up the bank, across the road, through our yard, and up the hill into the forest. Their journey is awe-inspiring.

Those who have survived the predators that feed on them in the water must escape the birds, snakes, cars, bikes, and small mammals along the terrestrial route. When my son was small, they also might have to survive the grip of his two-year-old fingers, rolling them as gently as he knew how, but not gently enough for many.

This week I met a woman who is afraid of frogs, having had a scary encounter with many frogs, alone in the dark, when she was a small child. She has 3 sons, ages 5, 7, and 9 who discovered the wonder of our tiny frogs today, and shared them with their mom. They leave tomorrow, 3 boys who have now caught frogs for the first time, and a mother who is a little less fearful thanks to her sons.

Here on our river, frogs and toads abound, which we take as a sign that our river is healthy. My fear is that one day the water will be toxic to amphibians who must breathe through their moist skin. I worry when the tadpole population is low, as it is this year. I hope that mine is a baseless fear.

I bought these earrings at the Sawmill Center for the Arts quite a few years ago. The tag says Wood Thrush Studio, Hand-crafted Polymer Clay Beads. I googled that name, hoping to find the artist I watched some 15 years ago as she created her amazing beads, so that I could provide a link to her website. But I discovered that another jewelry artist uses the name Wood Thrush Studio. Links to the polymer artist lead nowhere. I hope that I find her again. I would love to watch her at work.

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K├Ąthe said...

As would I! That's too bad that she isn't on the internet :(