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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beads and Seeds; Paper and Ink

Today I wore this pair of earrings made of wooden beads and seeds that my daughter Phoebe gave me for Mother's Day. Today was an important day for both of my daughters, and I knew I'd be thinking about them all day.

I took my car to a mechanic to get a flat tire fixed and ended up spending the entire day killing time while my poor Subaru got the new belts and spark plugs and adjustments that it's been needing for a while--oh, yes, and the flat tire. They fixed that, too.

While I waited, I went to Borders Bookstore for their close-out sale. I'm in mourning about Borders. I used to shop at the one-and-only Borders in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I even went to a party or two at the home of Tommy Borders; my boyfriend worked at the store, where the staff was a close-knit group of intellectuals: a composer ran the music section; a former teacher tended the children's books; my boyfriend, a poet, lovingly shelved the poetry. I read on-line that that store is closing now, too. I really mourn that closing.

So today, while I waited for my car--an 11 hour wait--I wandered about Borders and bought some books that will jumpstart my school year, books about Japan and math, biographies and novels and poetry books that I hope will inspire my students.

I wished Phoebe was with me to look at the pitiful poetry section, to buy a gem or two that she coveted. I bought a novel that Kathe recommended last year. I bought a book of Tennessee Williams play for my son. Then I sat and read at Panera, wandered about town some more, then went back and read some more. I'm not sure yet about the Tracy Chevalier book, but I highly recommend the other 3.

I guess I'll learn to live without bookstores. I love to hold a book, to flip it open and get a feel for the language deep inside. Amazon lets you read excerpts on-line. So does my Kindle.
But I'm going to miss bookstores. I hope that I don't live long enough to miss books, too.

Earrings made of wooden beads and seeds; books made of paper and ink. Simple stuff makes me happy.

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Käthe said...

I didn't know you knew a member of the Border family... learning all kinds of things here ;)