365 Days of Earrings

Monday, August 15, 2011

Chronicling Change

Sunday, August 14

On Sunday, I decided that lots had changed since the last time I was at the beach. Digital cameras, for instance. Last time, I used film, picking and choosing my shots. This time, I snapped away with my digital camera.

My daughter Kathe and I got up early to go for a walk together before breakfast. We each had a digital camera. Some things don't change. I still have high-arched, big feet.

And shore birds still get up early and breakfast on the beach.
Small children still build sand castles
using plastic buckets.
Who knew that surfers could now paddle
their boards into the waves using a paddle,
rather than their hands,
and no longer have to jump to their feet?
Or skip the paddle and the waiting
for a wave and just let a sail
catch the wind?

I bought a pair of earrings at the Kill Devil Hills Cooperative Gallery. Some things never change.

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