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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cycling through Air, Earth, Fire, and Water

These earrings were a gift from my daughter Kathe and her husband Jim, purchased during their honeymoon two years ago on the island St. John in the Virgin Islands. The inscriptions are the same as some ancient symbols that they saw carved in stone. I was speculating today about what they might mean: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, all in a circle symbolizing the cycle of life.

Today is Kathe's last day at our cabin, The Pinery, so we crammed a lot into our day. This morning, yoga at the Namaste Center for Well Being in Brookville, PA.

My yoga t-shirt: AIR
Food that returns us
to our roots: EARTH
Then we headed for the Quiet Creek Herb Farm just north of town, to see their progress in building a yurt on a cob (earth and straw) foundation. This is where we were inspired to build an Earth Oven. I bought this guide to healthy eating there today.

After lunch, my hsuband John joined us for bike ride. We cycled 6 miles to the Cooksburg Cafe for ice cream cones.

My CYCLE of life
(more later)

Afterwards I carried a chair down to the river to sit and read while Kathe's dog Leif chased the sticks she threw into the current. This would have been a good WATER picture, too, but I didn't snap it.

Boats out of WATER,
but you catch my drift...

We cooked our supper of Italian sausages (chicken and 3 cheese!) over our fire pit, then headed off on a paddle upstream after the sun had set.

Then back to the campfire for s'mores. I hear the murmur of Kathe and her dad conversing next to the fire. Our last night together at The Pinery until next summer. How we love these summer days.

The CYCLE of our lives, brim full of AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER. But I wonder what those earrings really say?

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K├Ąthe said...

I wonder too, but I like your guess!!! What a great last day at The Pinery!