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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new flag for Libya

I made this pair of earrings back in March, when news from Libya looked very grim. Moammar Gaddafi was threatening to kill everyone in cities where the rebels had gained control. I read a story about the pre-Gaddafi flag that had been adopted by the rebel forces: red, black and green. Gaddafi had created his own solid green flag to symbolize his regime.

I decided that I'd save this pair to wear when the rebels could claim victory. I hope that I am not premature, that today will truly be the day the Gaddafi flees Libya. But I was so taken with this story in this morning's Washington Post. It tells of the preparations that the insurgents have made to ensure safety and democracy.

I know that chaos may ensue in spite of careful planning, and that democracy will be difficult to achieve after decades of totalitarian rule. But I admire the way that one city after another has become part of free Libya with very little violence once Gaddafi's forces left.

I hope that this new flag will fly over Tripoli very soon.

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