365 Days of Earrings

Monday, January 17, 2011

 Long ago when my children were small, we watched the creator of this pair of earrings molding Fimo polymer clay. She started in the center of her design and laid the different colors of clay down in a tube, working her way to the outside of the design. What boggled my mind was that the resulting tube of clay was about two inches in diameter and maybe eight inches long. Then she began to roll the tube. When it was about an inch in diameter, she cut off slices to hang on necklaces. Then she kept rolling until the tube was about a centimeter in diameter, like these earrings.
Finally, before our eyes, she sliced the clay into circles. Sure enough, her design had shrunk to make a tiny, perfect version of her original image.

I bought this pair in honor of our Basset Hound, Rosie. She had no interest in posing with them, and even knocked them out of my hand as she rolled over to avoid the camera's flash.

I wore them today because I had planned to have my students write a narrative about an animal they know. Another lesson intervened. Now what shall I wear tomorrow when I really introduce the Animal Character Sketch?

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