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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowday Companions

We think that our two cats are siblings. They were together at the animal shelter where we adopted them 12 years ago. Maia attracted us first. We wanted a mouser for our home in the woods, and female housecats do the hunting as do their cousins the lionesses. And her tortoiseshell coat was as lovely then as it is today. Maia is shy and retiring, rarely seen by visitors.

We didn't intend to adopt two cats. But Hermes put on such an acrobatic show that we were all charmed, and Phoebe, then six, began to plead for a cat of her own. He has been her devoted friend ever since. We named him after the Greek god of mischief, and he has lived up to his moniker. Today, as I tried to pose these cat earrings for a photo, Hermes prowled around until I moved them to a lampshade. He loves to sit on the back of an easy chair, swishing his tail at whatever human dares to share it with him.

On a day like today when we are home together, Maia snuggles on my bed while Hermes picks up pencils on the table, leaps against the window in pursuit of a bird on the other side at the suet feeder, and pushes his water bowl around the floor until I refill it with fresh water.

Two cats, siblings we believe.
One shy, one bold.
One patient, one demanding.
One tortoiseshell, one tabby.
Gentle Maia, moonlit huntress.
Playful Hermes, brother of the sun.
Snowday companions.


Käthe said...

Where did you get these earrings? Did you make them?

Phoebe said...

Wow what perfect earrings for those two :) I miss them and you quite a bit and I hope you three had a great snowday together!