365 Days of Earrings

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I spent today writing narrative reports about each of my 3rd grade students. As I sat nestled beside the woodstove to stay warm, I pored over portfolios of student writing and math work, looking for examples to flesh out my comments so that my knowledge of these children might come alive through my words.

I did some laundry; created some teaching materials for next week's lessons; cooked a yummy salmon, brown rice, and green beans with almonds dinner; and then made a ballot box for a new project, our Academy Awards of Books. On Monday, the children will nominate categories of books. Best Book? Best Character? Best Beginning? Best Plot? Best Layout? Only their top three categories will earn awards.

At 8 PM I realized that I had worn no earrings today. I headed up to my bedroom in search of a pair that I've never worn, and will probably never wear again. I didn't find this green mesh bag immediately, but when I did I knew that it was perfect: A 3rd grade boy gave me this bag a few years ago. He bought it at a church fair to support a craftswoman half a world away. His mother told me that he spent his own money, knowing that I loved earrings, and that I didn't own a pair like this.

"Look at those little orange beads, they're like circles of flame!" I exclaimed when I first opened the bag.  And then with a huge grin Rooney handed me a pair of earrings that he had made for me: Dr. Seuss' Thing One and Thing Two. I wear that pair every year. I'm saving them for another day.

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