365 Days of Earrings

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This morning I chose black corduroys and a white sweater, then began to search for earrings. Black and white. I pulled out my egg carton of birds. Penguins.

I used to teach about penguins at this time of year. Our first grade visited every continent in Social Studies. I popped in to teach science. In Antarctica, we studied penguins. 

One Christmas, my children offered to make me earrings. What would I like? My list was long, full of science projects: African elephants, pandas from Asia, paper airplanes, Monarch butterflies... What fun I had on Christmas morning opening all of those tiny boxes of homemade earrings!

First thing this morning, a little girl in my math group looked at my ears. "I know why you wore those! They go with the multiplication problem that I wrote about the two iceburgs that each had 11 penguins on them!"

"Perfect!" I replied. "We'll start with your problem! Everyone write the equation for Hannah's problem. How many penguins would that be in all?"


jwkrumich said...

So how many penquins? Don't keep me dangling...

Käthe said...

there is no like button, but i want to like dad's comment :)