365 Days of Earrings

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today as I scurried about to get ready for my day, I found myself preoccupied with health concerns. Not mine--those of my father-in-law, of a friend, and of my country. In my hurry, I grabbed this scarf, given to me by my in-laws this Christmas, and chose a pair of earrings whose colors tied it to the sweater I'd already donned.
Today, doctors implanted a pacemaker in my father-in-law's chest. Today, our friend Rob remained in ICU after surgery to repair his torn aorta. And today, Americans discussed how to avoid senseless shootings like those in Tucson on Saturday: Improve mental healthcare? Improve gun/ammo control? Rethink the value of civil discourse? Try harder to respect those who espouse opinions with which we disagree? 
Today, my heart ached with sadness for the nine year old girl, shot on Saturday and buried today.
These lovely earrings took on a new meaning today.

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