365 Days of Earrings

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mini-Snowshoes and Climate Change

I received this great pair of recycled pull-tab earrings from one of my 3rd graders as a Christmas gift. Benjamin's mom was the second grade teacher who inspired my son to become a reader and a writer; she created magical experiences like runaway gingerbread men who were tracked through town using detective work; both my son Willem and my daughter Phoebe thrived in her classroom. How lovely that I have the chance to teach Paula's son 15 years after she taught my son.

Paula and Benjamin bought these earrings for me at a store in Chincoteague called Flying Fish when the weather was hot and sunny. As Paula anticipated, I love the use of recycled pull-tabs, and the blues and greens. And I also love that they resemble snowshoes.

Tonight, December 22nd, it's pouring rain. The temperature is close to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I have no need for snowshoes tonight. Global climate change? Perhaps. I've experienced some rainy Decembers in the past. But it's clear to me that no matter what the cause, our planet is warming. And I believe that humans can influence the changing climate through recycling, using less fossil fuels, and living more simply. That said, I'm also confident that I'll need my snowshoes at least once this winter. Storms and unpredictable weather seem to be part of climate change.

This is my 355th pair of earrings this year. Nine more days. I'm beginning to mourn a bit.

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