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Friday, December 9, 2011

My Foray into Felted Earrings

These earrings that I made last winter are my first pair with felted components. I look forward to making more felted jewelry this winter.

My niece Marianne taught me how to felt a few years ago, and a I dabble with this lovely winter project when chilly weather inspires me to spending a few hours working with wool roving, warm water, and soap, gently persuading the woolen fibers to mesh into the form I've imagined.

This pair of purple spheres was the product of my only foray into making tiny shapes. I struggled to make them the same size--always a challenge when felting a pair, since the finished product is always smaller than the original size. Wool shrinks when exposed to heat, as everyone discovers when wool socks or sweaters mistakenly spin in a hot dryer.

A couple of years ago, after seeing some slippers that Marianne made, I felted this pair. Knowing how hard it is to make a pair match, I decided I'd make it clear that the two are fraternal, not identical, twins. Sizing is a leap of faith, though. This pair was big enough for Shaquille O'Neal before the shrinking process began.

I've felted a variety of items over the years: a bag to hold my Kindle, one that holds an iTouch, a bowl. I tried to make fingerless gloves, after seeing some at a craft fair, but failed miserably. I may try again this winter.

My earrings, too, were inspired by some being sold for $50 a pair. Those were studded with pins, but I decided that I prefer plain felted spheres, celebrating the warmth of wool.

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Käthe said...

Can't wait to felt with you very soon! :)