365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Overlook for Christmas

This afternoon we went for a
hike through the woods near
our house.

The path leads to a clearing on the
top of the ridge.
Civil War soldiers marched through here,
set signal fires, and skirmished.

We hiked to the overlook that looks east
across the valley.

It's a lovely view.

The sign reads,
"We welcome you to the
Piedmont Memorial
a privately owned memorial
to those who spent their lives
protecting the land
you see from here.
Please treat it with reverence
and take from this high place
inspiration to protect the land
that touches your life."

I wore this pair of earrings
that my daughter Kathe and her husband Jim
bought for me at the Highland Games from
the artist who crafted them.
This was the first pair I opened this
morning, and I decided to wear them
all day, rather than change into the
crescent moon Santas I'd thought I'd wear.
They suited the beauty of the day.

Jim, Kathe, and Leif wore the fleece
neckwarmers that convert into hats
which I made for them.
The joy of Christmas:
giving and receiving,
sharing joy,
basking in the glow of family time.

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