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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spending time for a good cause

Friday, the morning after my class's play performance and Holiday Craft Bazaar, one of my students plaintively said, "I wish I could have bought one of those neck warmers like Meara has."

"There are a couple left. You could ask your mom..." I suggested.

"But I don't like pink," said Ellen. "Maybe I could dye it. My favorite color is this blue," she said, pointing to a turquoise marker top.

"If it's OK with your mom, I'll make you one over the weekend," I whispered. "I think I have some turquoise yarn at home."

A little while later, a colleague came by, hoping for a dark blue neckwarmer. A former student wondered if I had a pink fleece cap with a white band.

So today I spent a while making a few more crafts to sell to benefit Room to Read, the organization that builds schools and libraries, publishes books in children's native languages, and provides scholarships for girls in hopes of building literacy in generations to come. I'm hoping that we'll surpass $2,000. A few more hats and neckwarmers, cookie mix and birdfeeder sales, and note cards--those sold like crazy!

While crafting, I wore this pair of earrings that was a gift from a student named Kienan many years ago. It was a difficult year in his life. His parents split up; his mom was going to school and desperately trying to find work; he spent many hours at his older sister's soccer practices and games while his dad coached; and he just needed some quiet attention. He hung around with me after school several days a week, drawing and reading while I prepared for the next day's classes.

At the end of the year, his mom gave me these earrings along with a note of thanks. I think Ellen would like their color. I hope she likes her neckwarmer!

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