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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shimmery Pines

Last summer, my daughter Kathe and I saw some earrings similar to these. Presto! As I watched, she made me these shimmering danglers-- pine trees from our cabin The Pinery.

I wore them today when Kathe joined us for our annual Celebrate Winter Break outing to DC. We saw the mind-boggling play Equivocation which weaves 17th century English history, Shakespeare's life and plays, eternal politics, and the meaning of truth. A brilliant ensemble performance. Our son Willem and his friend Annie were also with us. Sadly, our daughter Phoebe was sick and son-in-law Jim was finishing his last test.

After a great meal, we wandered through the DC Christmas Market, admiring the work of the many craftspeople who sell their wares. We wander through the whole market, up one side and back the other, then plunge through to make a few quick purchases. We've returned each year for about 5 years now, searching for gifts to buy each other in a complex family dance.
When we got home, Kathe started to decorate our tree, which we'd saved for her arrival since she has no tree of her own. She unpacked the tiny stockings in which we store our fragile ornaments. I made them about 20 years ago as an advent calendar in which ornaments dangled from a rope strung across the fireplace. In those days, our tree went up soon after Thanksgiving, having journeyed from John O's Christmas Tree Farm in Pennsylvania.

Kathe finally persuaded her siblings to help her decorate the tree, and I snapped a photo before heading off the bed. A glorious day.

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