365 Days of Earrings

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beads of Summer

I wore these earrings today to remind me that when summer comes, I'll have hours to sit under the white pine stringing beads, reading novels, and watching the clouds scud by.

Today I enjoyed my many projects, but they are work. When I became a teacher, I did it to "make a difference." Once my children entered school, I discovered the blessing of our shared schedules--that we all worked hard together during the school year, and played hard together during our breaks. As winter seems reluctant to give up its grasp, I start to dream of summer.

I dream of summer.
The aroma of pine in our Pinery cabin;
Paddling my kayak upstream against the current;
Riding bikes down River Road to buy Moose Tracks ice cream; 
Hiking into the forest to pick blueberries; 
Roasting marshmallows around the campfire;
And sitting under the white pine stringing beads, reading novels, or just watching the clouds scud by.

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K├Ąthe said...

Mmm, this blog post has me dreaming of summer, too...