365 Days of Earrings

Monday, March 7, 2011

Data in the Strata

My students dug through the lowest stratum in their simulated archaeological sites this afternoon. This was their final rotation: one last child being the excavator, one the map maker, one the cataloguer, one the museum curator. In the sandy bottom layer they discovered sharks teeth and shells from a Miocene sea.

"Now I know why you're wearing those earrings!" announced a child in each of my three groups when they uncovered a shark's tooth.

Some of them admired my t-shirt, which I love for its images. The grammar, I find painful: plural subject, singular verb. But what a great illustration of the strata that lie beneath our feet! And of what may come next...

I made these earrings years ago with a class of 7th graders after we returned from a geology/history trip to Stratford Hall on the Northern Neck of Virginia. We spent an hour or two looking for fossils along the Potomac--sharks' teeth, ray dental plates, Miocene whale bones, sand dollars, and scallop shells. Most of us found a few sharks' teeth and brought them home. After identifying them, many of my students strung them on necklaces. I made earrings.

I feel like I've reached a milestone: 66 days of earrings, leaving me with 299 to go. I've broken the 300 barrier!

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jwkrumich said...

Those lucky kids, each perhaps finding a datum in the stratum!