365 Days of Earrings

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Visions from the rainforest

I am heading into Washington, DC today to see the film OKA! Amerikee at the Environmental Film Festival. I'm meeting my friend Tom, who is a filmmaker, to see the Gauguin exhibit at the National Gallery and enjoy dinner out before the show and the reception afterwards.

As usual, I stood pondering my earring options. Some from South Africa, some from Kenya, which might be appropriate for a film about an ethno-musicologist who recorded the music of the Bayaka pygmy culture of central Africa. But that level of cultural indifference seems a bit like wearing a cowboy hat and spurs to attend an Alvin Ailey dance concert--hey, it's North American! 

Then this pair caught my eye. They look a bit like eyes shining brightly in the rainforest. Appropriate for Gauguin as well as Louis Sarno and the Bayaka people, I hope.

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