365 Days of Earrings

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Wintry Mix

I'm sitting in the passenger seat of our car next to Claytor Lake in southwest Virginia, connecting wirelessly to the internet so that I can log this posting. The lake was created in 1938 when the New River was dammed, to provide electricity and new recreation opportunities to this part of the state.

We arrived a short while ago at our beautifully sided cinder block cabin next to the lake. The walls are decorated with photos of the early years of the park, such as this one from the early 1940's.

These earrings remind me of cascading water. The weekend forecast calls for a wintry mix of precipitation—will it be rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow? My earrings seem to cover all the bases. My daughter K├Ąthe, who will arrive shortly, made them for me years ago. She’ll smile when she sees them, and say, “Nice earrings.”
“They remind me of falling water,” I’ll reply. "Have you heard the forecast?"

Tomorrow we'll explore the park.

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