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Monday, December 5, 2011

Walnuts, the healthiest food?

I bought this pair of walnut earrings at the Sawmill Center for the Arts in Cook Forest, PA for a few dollars. They were made by one of the many local craftspeople who create beautiful items for the joy of creating. And they sell them to recoup the costs of their expenses: the saw-blades, the shellac, the earwires. I think that these walnut cross-sections are striking.

But then I'm a fan of walnuts. I eat some pretty much every day on my morning oatmeal. In recent years, nutritionists have begun to sing the praises of nuts. In March, walnuts were named the healthiest of all nuts: full of anti-oxidants, protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fat. Seven walnuts a day is even better than an apple! http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/news/20110328/walnut-may-be-top-nut-for-heart-health

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Käthe said...

Love these earrings!