365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, April 10, 2011

100 Days of Earrings, with thanks to the givers!

This weekend, I stayed home. I accomplished many tasks, including laundry, finishing our tax returns and filing financial records--lots of filing, lesson plans for biography writing, adding more ancestors to my on-line family tree, and trying out the chicken pot pie recipe from a lovely cookbook that I gave John for Valentine's Day, What to Cook & How to Cook It, by Jane Hornby. Yum.

And I made a few pair of earrings. As I finished each pair, I wore them for a while. But I took them upstairs and put them away for other, more public days.

In my top dresser drawer lie some never-been-worn pairs that I won't ever wear--gifts from people who must have thought, "Earrings, Amy likes unusual earrings. I hope she'll like these." 

Usually I wear gift earrings the next time I see the giver, bobbing my head in thanks. But some, I just put in the drawer.

Here is such a pair. Mismatched in size, color, and texture, one barely attached to its findings. I put them on briefly today, bobbed my head in the mirror and thanked the giver aloud, then put them back in the drawer.

I'm glad I kept them safe, to become my 100th pair of the year. Only 265 pair to go!

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