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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nails to inspire a love of history

I wore my nail earrings today for my visit to the blacksmith shop in Colonial Williamsburg with my third grade class. Although the blacksmith is in a different building, these are the same earrings that I've worn to see him for the past three years.

Two of my students want to be blacksmiths in our upcoming wax museum; two will make candles; two will be apothecaries, curing ailments with horehound and even rock candy.

A couple of weeks ago the Obamas were supposed to visit Williamsburg but a crisis intervened. Libya? The budget? I don't recall. But I do remember a pair of news anchors on CNN joking that Sasha and Malia must be relieved: history was not a vacation. "Roller coasters are a vacation," quipped the woman. As they belittled Williamsburg, my heart sank.

For some of us, history is the best vacation. I loved visiting Williamsburg on a family vacation as a child. I enjoyed roller coasters, but visits to President Eisenhower's childhood home, to the Liberty Bell, and to the House of the Seven Gables were my favorite trips.

What could be more fun than to enlist in the colonial militia under the guidance of a drill sergeant? I hope that the Obamas reschedule their vacation.

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