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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hopes for a Good Earth Friday

No school today: Good Friday. I chose these earrings because they contain wood, like the cross and metal, like the nails.

No school today. Too bad. Another Earth Day passes, another year with too little progress toward a cleaner, safer planet. I chose these earrings because they contain wood, a renewable resource, and metal, a recyclable one.

I chose these earrings because they were made by a friend who lives in India, half-way around the planet. Every now and then, I look at this blog's stats, and see that someone in India, or Iran, or Australia, or Turkey, or Ecuador--so many places I've never visited--has visited this blog.

Here's hoping that this ability of ordinary folks to communicate with others in distant lands will somehow lead to a safer, cleaner planet. Happy Good Earth Friday!

1 comment:

Käthe said...

Happy Earth Day, Mama! I'm impressed by the countries who have viewed your blog. Very cool!