365 Days of Earrings

Friday, April 1, 2011

April? Could have fooled me!

I arose before dawn and a pair of tree earrings were already dangling from my ears when my husband John said, "Did you see the snow?" And it wasn't an April Fools trick. There was snow!

The snow cancelled any thought that Arbor Day posters would be my motivation today. I donned these icy crystals that I made one snow day, and headed down the drive.
The thermometer read 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Our home on top of the first foothill of the Blue Ridge is always 2 degrees colder than the foot of the hill. By the time I reached school, 15 miles away, it was spring.

April Fools!
Suddenly, my ice crystals were transformed into spring flowers. Everywhere I looked, blossoms were opening. The moist ground smelled of Spring.

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K├Ąthe said...

it's amazing how the elevation of that mountain can have weather so vastly different than the towns below! what a neat documentation of the day :)