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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Concert of Stars

I bought these earrings 16 years ago, I think, at a fund-raiser for my husband's music ensemble. They were specially designed to match the logo of the children's group, with turquoise beads and stars.

I wear these earrings at least once a year to a concert of The American Children of SCORE, made up of children ages 8-12. My husband arranges music for stringed instruments, children's voices, Orff instruments like xylophones and glockenspiels, and recorders. During the concert, he accompanies the group and leads them with nods and glances, building each song with layers and variations as they perform. The sound they produce is unique and glorious. I am usually brought to tears as I listen to them perform a folk song, spiritual, or gospel tune.

Today, my eyes were dry. I didn't have time to feel any emotion other than stress from my post in the sound and light booth, where I handled sound and lights as well as the video camera. Fortunately, my daughter Kathe drove up for the day and ran the PowerPoint during one part of the show, keeping me company in the booth.

I imagine that when I watch the video tape, my eyes will fill with tears when I hear The Lone Wild Bird. All of my own children sang this song in SCORE. I wish all souls could be touched by the simple beauty of this sound.

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K├Ąthe said...

Such a great concert! Great to spend time with both of you, though it's never enough. Love you.