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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two Thirds

This morning I had fractions on my mind. Hmm. Fraction earrings. In third grade, it's fraction season.

When nothing that dangled on my earring trees seemed to shout, "Fractions!", I thought of pattern blocks, the math manipulative that we were going to use today. Yellow hexagons, red trapezoids, green triangles, blue rhombi... Yes!

A blue rhombus is one third of a yellow hexagon. A green triangle is one half of a blue rhombus. Fraction earrings!

And so beautiful. Stained glass, turquoise, tiny leaves reaching upwards towards the light. One of my Delaplane Strawberry Festival purchases, chosen after wandering among the thousands of earrings being sold. One year's special pair, perfect for today.

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Käthe said...

This weekend I saw our favorite craftswoman from the festival. I think she lives in Blacksburg! She was at the VT International Fair and I also saw her at The Lyric, the local theater. The blonde jeweler!